Louis Feuer, MA, MSW, with 35 years of experience training companies on customer service strategies, opens the new MEDCOMMENT CENTER, an online home for your customer feedback comments and suggestions. Feuer states, “The time was right to bring new technology to your customer feedback survey process and data collection plan.” MEDCOMMENT CENTER allows you to receive feedback from your patients, in-store customers or/and referral sources 24/7. Reports are emailed directly back to your company designee(s) and all responses are summarized for your review, analysis, accreditation and staff meetings. You receive your own unique opening web page, administrative access to all of your reports, and a quick and easy way to learn from your customers.

Bill Gates noted that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” With that important advice in mind, MEDCOMMENT CENTER brings that learning to your doorstep now! There is never one source for obtaining all customer feedback but MEDCOMMENT CENTER is going to be your most important business tool. Feuer notes “Too many companies continue to fail to take customer feedback and education seriously. From printing surveys, mailing surveys and then failing to adequately gather, review and summarize data they are failing to reach their number one consultant – their customer.” Three individual surveys (for patients, referral sources, and in-store customers) have been developed after a careful review of CMS Performance Standards and written by Louis Feuer.

MEDCOMMENT CENTER is a triple play for your homecare business. It’s a cost saving program for an existing need, a strategic plan for reaching out to customers, and a resource library of customer comments. Subscribe for a full year for as little as $299 plus a onetime set up fee of $99. Receive all the services offered including unlimited use of surveys, surveys emailed back directly to you, automated data collection, 24/7 administrative access, customized web page and any assistance from Louis Feuer you may need regarding the use of the program. Feuer comments, “As a marketing tool and educational resource, nothing compares to MEDCOMMENT CENTER. It’s the most exciting customer focused business tool in our industry.” Subscribing today will allow you to listen to your customers tomorrow.

Louis Feuer, MA, MSW
(954) 838-7504